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Tips for trips

Favourable location of our hotel in borderland of 3 neighbouring countries in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Germany, Poland) provides many possibilities to go for trips and excursions as well as many kinds of sports activities including excitements, cultural events and entertainment. The surrounding areas of Lausatian mountains/Zittauer Gebirge, Bohemian-Saxonian Switzerland and Šluknov region have all of that you look for your holiday:

You find good-quality and dense network of cycling paths, pathways for walking and hiking, many sports grounds, stadiums and facilities for various kinds of sports arts (both summer and wi nter ones) and entertainment.

The recommended excursions/trips and other possibilities could be split up as follows:

For trips and excursions please explore following tips:

Distance and time to reach some of below stated targets of trips/excursions from our hotel:

Target (city/town)Distance
Prague (Praha) 110 2:10
Liberec 40 0:45
Karlovy Vary 174 3:29
Kutná Hora 135 2:39
Dresden (Ger.) 80 1:05
Bautzen (Ger.) 40 0:52
Zittau (Ger.) 14 0:22
Görlitz (Ger.) 46 1:12
Königstein (Ger.) 52 1:18
Meißen (Ger.) 122 1:42
Löbau (Ger.) 25 0:40
Sebnitz - aquapark (Ger.) 35 1:05
Potsdam - castle Sansoucci (Ger.) 247 3:55
Berlin (Ger.) 238 3:24
Wroclaw (Pol.) 207 4:95


Prague, Dresden and other towns on Elbe river in the Czech Republic and Germany

We recommend to visit following cities and towns during your stay in this part of Europe.


Historical Upper Lausatian and Northern Bohemian towns (Liberec)

The largest town with minority of Lausatian Sorbs living in Saxony is Bautzen (Budyšín). Worth seeing are also following Saxonian towns.

National parks

National parks and protected landscape areas (Bohemian-Saxonian Switzerland, Lausatian mountains, Bohemian Middle mountains, popular area “Bohemian Paradise”)

Near our hotel you can visit national parks and protected landscape area with fascinating natural sceneries and unforgetable views.

Castle in Oybin

Castles, chateaux in the Northern Bohemia surrounding Saxonia, monasteries and churches (“via Sacra”), museums and technical sights

Follow the history of the Czech republic and Germany by visiting famous castles, chateaux, monasteries and churches.


Cycling and Hiking in Varnsdorf and surrounding

Thanks to its central position in the whole area Varnsdorf represents an ideal starting point for cycling tours and one-day trips of various lengths and difficulties. These are both leight and easier ways as well as very demanding ways with difficult profiles in near hills and peaks.


Bathing, summer sports and excitements

During summer season you can go in for a large range of your favourite activities. There are aquaparks, swimminmg pools, bathing pools as well as sports facilities and stadiums in Varnsdorf and surrounding towns and villages.


Winter sports

Lausatian mountains do not belong to the highest ones in the Czech Republic, though there is wide range of possibilities for winter sports and activities.


and last but not least ... something for children

ZOO parks, aquaparks, bathind and swimming pools, Dinoparks ans sledhe-tracks, etc.

We are convinced that you make a good selection from the above-mentioned options.

We wish you nice entertainment !

Enjoy your stay !


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For parents with children we offer a sauna.

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