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Castles, chateaux in the Northern Bohemia surrounding Saxonia, monasteries and churches (“via Sacra”), museums and technical sights

Castle in Oybin

Castles and chateaux

Northern Bohemia

Chateaux: Castles:


Upper Lausatia: Elbe region:

Ecclestiastic (church) monuments

The famous way called „via Sacra“ leading from Northern Bohemia through Lower Silesia (PL) up to the Upper Lausatia (D) is full of nice monasteries and churches in the style of so called “Czech barrocco”:

You can find more about via sacra on

In Varnsdorf and in surrounding towns (Rumburk, Mikulášovice,Šluknov, Česká Lípa, Nová Bor, etc.) there are also a lot of churches and other ecclestiastic buidings and monuments (eg.cross-way in Jiřetín pod Jedlovou). We recommend to visit some of these monuments during your cycling trips.

Technical sights and museums

There are following museums and technical sights worth seeing:

Northern Bohemia: Saxony (region Upper Lausatia)


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