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Accomodation regulations

Penzion Dvůr Pohody

Bratislavská 997, 407 47 Varnsdorf okres Děčín, IČO: 284 59 393

(Terms and conditions of accommodation contract under § 754 and the following paragraphs of the Civil Code)

Information about the accommodation provider:

Company name: RRC s.r.o.
Headquarters: Vítězná 150, 273 51 Velké Přítočno
Responsible person: Šárka Dubská - Managing Director
Approval date:
Name of establishment: Penzion Dvůr Pohody *** („accomodation provider“ či „guesthouse“)
Address of the guesthouse: Bratislavská 997, 407 47 Varnsdorf okres Děčín
IČO: 284 59 393
Phone: +420 605 235 699
Fixed Line: +420 412 331 431


The accommodation contract (under § 754 and the following paragraphs of the Civil Code) between the accommodated, hereinafter the guest, and the Guesthouse Dvůr pohody, hereinafter the guesthouse, is concluded by signing of the guest on the Guest Card.

The Guest Card contains the date of start and end of the accommodation, guest´s full name, residence, social security number, identity card or passport for his registration in the Guestbook. The guest is required to provide his proof of identity to verify these dates. The guest legitimizes with his Guest Card by repeated arrival.

The accommodation is provided for consideration, the accommodation price is set on the price list and confirmed by signing the Guest Card. The accommodation price includes the basic services that are listed in the price list. Special services are those not included in the accommodation price, and thereforeare paid separately. The accommodation prices are listed in CZK, the guesthouse reserves the right to change the listed prices. For customers who have paid an advance for their booking, the guest house guarantees the accommodation price listed in the calculation, on which basis the guest has paid the deposit. If there is a change before the deposit has been paid, the guesthouse obligates to inform the guest about the price change.

If more persons arrive to the accommodation unit who are not written at the voucher, the guesthouse has the right to refuse these undeclared persons or to charge the additional payment on site.


In case of a damage caused by the guest, the guesthouse is entitled to claim a compensation for this damage.

The guest is obliged to pay any damages in accommodation areas in full price, including the compensation for loss of profits, in the amount of current accommodation prices for the whole period during which the room is decommissioned. The guest has this obligation also in case when the damage was caused by children or other persons accommodated with the guest.


Inquiries and bookings can be made by e-mail, phone, in person or in writing. For a valid booking is considered the booking, which was paid by 50%. The rest of the booking price is payable by check-in. The payment is made in cash, by credit card or electronically. Payment by invoice is only possible after prior agreement with the guesthouse management.

By making booking the guest confirms he has read the Terms and Conditions and he accepts these General conditions as a whole. It follows that everything stated in the Terms and Conditions, becomes a legal obligation both for the guest and the guesthouse.

If the guest requests to prolong the accommodation, the guesthouse can accept this request, it can also offer a different room than the one in which the guest was originally accommodated.


The guesthouse reserves the right to change the booking in the event of circumstances which cannot be predicted. The booked accommodation can be changed, if the guest is timely informed. The guesthouse can change it for the accommodation of the same or higher category at the price which was confirmed by the guest by booking confirmation. In the event that the replacement is not possible, the guesthouse reserves the right to cancel the reservation, at least 7 days before the arrival and it guarantees the repayment of the whole amount to the guest.


Changes or cancellation by the guest are made in writing, by email, mail or fax. The change of check-in date is made within 30 days before arrival.

The first change of the booking at no additional cost is free. For each additional rebooking the guests will be charged for expenses associated with the change in the amount of CZK 300. If the change is not possible and the guest does not insist on his confirmed reservation, the below mentioned conditions are in force. In case of booking cancellation the date of written cancellation is the basis for calculating the costs associated with the cancellation:

If the guest cancels the booking due to force majeure, he shall submit written confirmation regarding the force majeure and the guesthouse will only require payment of actual expenses associated with the booking cancellation, and no more than 25% of the total price.

If the guest does not arrive till 10 p.m. on the day of the beginning of his booking and gives no information, the booking is considered to be canceled and the expenses associated with the booking cancellation shall be charged in accordance with the above mentioned rules.


The guest has the right to use the accommodation facilities. He receives the room key by check-in. The guest is required to prevent the loss of guesthouese keys, to prevent the theft of the keys and avoid lending keys to persons who are not staying in the guesthouse. In case of loss or other misusage or the keys, the guest is required to pay a penalty of 1000,- CZK to the guesthouse. This does not affect the right of the guesthouse to claim damages.

The guest is obliged: The guest is not allowed without the consent of the accommodation provider: The guest is also not allowed in the guesthouse:

Parents of babies and small children are responsible for cleanliness of the rooms. This is in particular the protection of beds and sofas from contamination by children who are not yet able to maintain their personal hygiene. For security reasons it is not allowed to leave children under ten years in rooms and other common areas in the house without adult supervision, namely in the play area, in the area of private swimming pool, playground, sandpit and trampoline.


The accommodation provider is required to give the accommodation spaces fit for proper use to the guest and provide him undisturbed use of his rights related to the accommodation.

The accommodation provider shall remove the reported defects without undue delay, he is also responsible for the technical and hygienic condition of the house.


The guesthouse is open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., the office is open from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., in the afternoon from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Except this time the guest is required to lock the front door when leaving and coming into the house. In the period from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. there is the night piece in the guesthouse and the guest is obliged to behave so as to not to disturb others by excessive noise.


Parking of guests´ vehicles is allowed in the parking place next to the house, which is monitored by CCTV security system. This parking area is open, and therefore the accommodation provider is not liable for any theft of the vehicle or things in the vehicle.

Guests are advised not to leave jewelery, money and other valuables in the room. The guesthouse (under §434 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code) is not liable for any loss or damage of the above mentioned things. There is a shared safe available for all guests in the pension´s office.

Only persons who are not affected by infectious diseases can be accommodated in the guesthouse. In case of illness or injury of the guest the accommodation provider shall ensure medical assistance, or transport to the hospital.

The guest is required whenever leaving the room to turn off the lights, make sure that water taps are closed, to lock the door and leave the key at the reception.

The guest is obliged to behave in the room and in other facilities so that no fire breaks out.


Towels and bath towels are regularly changed during the stay. The main room cleaning is done for stays longer than one week and on request.


Staying in the guesthouse with pets is not possible.


The guest has the right to complain if the accommodation has not been provided in the agreed range of services or quality. Any complaint is realized in accordance with the valid Accommodation Complaints Procedure. The comments or complaints must be applied immediately so that the imperfection can be removed. If the imperfection could not be removed, a protocol must be written by both parties.


The guest has the right to withdraw from the accommodation contract. The withdrawal from the contract is governed by the cancellation conditions.

The guesthouse has the right to withdraw from the contract if the guest breaks the obligationes given by this contract or if he grossly violates good manners. The withdrawal from this contract must be in writing and shall be transmited to the other party. The guesthouse reserves the right to ask the guest to leave the house in case of withdrawal of accommodation contract.

The accommodation provider, that is the owner or the guesthouse manager accepts any complaints and suggestions how to improve the service. He has a questionnaire relating to the quality of accommodation services.

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